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Keyword Density and Image Optimization Importance in SEO

By Alan L Smith 

SEO experts can very well help their clients choose right set of keywords that are logical enough and yield intended results. Usually the visitors lack patience and are always short on time for going through other pages of search results, which makes them concentrate on the first page itself. Therefore it is clear that if your website falls in the first page results, then your site is definitely going to get better business.

The success level of your site is highly dependent on keyword marketing research. Select specific keywords that have little competition, otherwise highly competitive keywords reduces your chances of being spotted in top search engine results. For all web pages of your site use different page titles with different keywords. The reason for using different keywords on different web pages is, it increases the chance for getting place in search engines for more than one set of targeted keywords.

The SEO expert analyzes the website and sees where the website owner has used the targeted key phrases in the site. They go through the site content and title of the links. The main purpose of such analysis is to determine present website status in search engines and develop an effective SEO strategy. It also gives perfect guidance as to which areas of search engine optimization of your website needs more attention and concentration. 

After making selection of the images you want to upload on your website, then go about optimizing them for decreasing the loading time. During the process of image optimization, all unnecessary information is removed from the file to reduce its size. If it is done in proper format than the appearance of the image would remain same. For a site an image should be wide between 200-400 pixels. Maintaining this size would place the picture in proper format on the web page and also leave enough space for menus and content.

The format in which you save the picture affects the manner its being perceived, as a logo or as a image. Take all necessary steps for image optimization on your website and see to it that it loads in less time span. Usage of image editing software for removal of extra information that's not needed, can reduce the image file size without compromising with its look. Select the image that is of good quality and have used lesser bytes. These tools makes it possible to reduce the graphic size up to 70% yet maintaining the image quality.


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