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Optimizing for Google Local Searches

Google uses much more than just the data you provide for the local listing. Google

Surprisingly, businesses can show up on the map even if businesses do not have a google local listing!!

According to Google Quality standards:

You can create listings for every town that you serve aslong as you have employees there, because their home addresses are your de facto business addresses (it probably doesn’t take much effort to make it dejure also)

Here is the most detailed article about setting up your listing that I have found.

Here is another article about How to optimize your corrected Google Local/Maps Listing:

Also, for businesses with multiple listings, it is extremely worthy of note
that google allows you to upload multiple listings at once.

Some advice from other articles includes:

There are several ways to optimize your search marketing efforts for local search.

Other Related articles:

Here is the most technically based article that researched google's patent

Happy Targeting...


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